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Leocadia Montero-Hainley

Leocadia is active in helping people use a productive approach to managing conflicts and getting out of the cycles of violence. She is a Psychotherapist and a Promoting Healthy Interactions (PHI) Training Facilitator/Consultant. She has received the ESPERE training by Centro de Dereitos Humanos e Educação Popular of Brazil in 2009 and, after that, she coordinated, directed and co-facilitated the ESPERE-Violence Reduction Program at Adelante Mujeres for seven years. The positive outcomes reported by participants of the ESPERE workshop keeps her motivated to continue promoting this type of work. She is a board member of the Washington County Family Justice Center and Forgiveness International. She is also a member of the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team of Oregon Department of Justice. She is originally from the Dominican Republic, where she earned a law degree and served as District Attorney. She received a Master of Art in Psychotherapy from Pacific University.


“You cannot change your past, but you can change the way your past affects your future”

            -Leocadia Montero-Hainley

At some point in our lives, we all get hurt by other people. When this happens, we might not know how to respond to the pain that is inflicted on us. Everyone tries to find ways to protect themselves from further harm. While some defense mechanisms might serve us well, others might not. Some might cause more harm than good.


Many factors get in the way of people using productive defense mechanisms. PHI workshop provides a space to explore constructive interventions to relationship conflicts. This workshop is based on the ESPERE workshop Methodology, which is founded on Paulo Freire’s Popular Education approach. PHI helps people handle conflicts with compassion and understanding and to develop healthy and lasting relationships. Workshops are offered in Spanish and English.

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